Wordpress Appreciation Day

This is a post for those of us who already have established websites up and running. I decided in February of 2009 that I should start giving back to Wordpress in some way. So I decided to donate to developers and designers who have helped me the most with Wordpress.

I’m going to donate to one on the 1st of every month and call it Wordpress Appreciation Day.

How much am I going to donate? $1.

Why donate $1?

There are a few reasons

  • $1 sends a message of “thank you, please keep doing what you do!”
  • It’s easy to convince others to donate $1/month
  • It’s easy to convince myself to donate $1/month
  • If we all donate it adds up to serious money!

Here’s our past Wordpress Appreciation Day recipients

  • February 2009: Who Sees Ads? — This plugin will let you display ads to only search engine traffic. This is really simple ad serving that will blow your conversion rates through the roof! A MUST for adsense!
  • March 2009: Super Cache — This plugin is a must for serious marketers. Any big wordpress blog needs this. Will make your site entirely digg proof!
  • April 2009: Google Sitemap Generator — Creates Google friendly sitemaps for your blog. Will automatically submit sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.
  • May 2009: All in One SEO — Straight forward plugin lets you customize all of your onpage SEO easily
  • June 2009: Random Featured Post — This is a plugin that is create for SEO, since it gives your site a brand new homepage everytime its loaded!
  • July 2009RSS Footer — Turn scrapers into your best friends by sticking a link back with this handy plugin.

And hopefully the developer has set up a nice thank you page!

Thank Yous:
Hello there,

I’ve just received a notice from Paypal telling me that you’ve tipped
in, and I wanted to say: Thank You! This kind of generosity really
motivates me to release free stuff!

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